The 2nd Annual Meeting of EVOMET took place in Basel, Switzerland between the 4th to the 7th of October 2022. It was a key event within the network to strengthen the relationships among the early stage researchers (ESRs) and promote their professional development as a team. Apart from the fruitful scientific discussions, the meeting also included training activities for ESRs and supervisors that were well received.


The ESRs presented the scientific progress of the work carried thus far in their respective projects and received constructive feedback from their peers and other supervisors. Their motivation to engage actively with fellow partners and collaborators fueled several discussions and useful pointers for the future.


Two training sessions were conducted hfp consulting. The ESRs were trained on professional development through live dynamics, working groups for reflection and a lot of discussion and sharing, while their supervisors complemented their leadership and management skills through other dedicated sessions.


The meeting also included a scientific session called “Cell-stroma interaction workshop” that was open to the academic community at the University of Basel campus. The session included plenary talks from leading experts in the field including two supervisors from the EVOMET project (Johanna Joyce from UNIL, Switzerland and Sakari Vanharanta from UH, Finland) and other highly recognized invitees: Nicola Aceto (ETH, Switzerland), Curzio Rüeegg (University of Freiburg, Switzerland), Andrea Alimonti (ETH, Switzerland) and Tatiana Petrova (UNIL CHUV, Switzerland).


Overall, the 2nd Annual meeting of EVOMET was a great success with useful insight and feedback for the success of future meetings and project in general. It was apparent that the ESRs are a very cohesive group and show great enthusiasm to network and work together.